Satoshi Arai, Japan, English Teacher

I have known Ms. Kae nearly for eight years and had the great pleasure of learning English from her. I can state with confidence that she is a motivated and responsible person, with high degree of integrity. With her great support to my studies, I have finally achieved my goal to be an English teacher. In addition, she gave me a huge help in my English classes which amazed all my students and gave them a lot of fun. Good memories!

Ms. Kae is very familiar with Japanese culture and custom, hence the workshops/trainings she provides will absolutely suit our needs in business. I am definitely in awe with how she continues to do great and creative things for our country’s future.

I certainly highly recommend Ms. Kae as a communications coach/trainer/teacher. I am also one of those to attend her workshop and hope to see you there or somewhere in the world.

新井 悟志 (大阪府立高校英語教師)




Satoshi Arai, Japan, English Teacher