Manabu Shirahama, Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Kae is an outstanding figure in English communications. Her expertise does not only involve improving a person’s language skills, but more admirably helping individuals understand others and be understood at the same time.

With her exposure to various ethnicities and business cultures in her professional and academic tracks across Southeast Asia, she has been familiar with how to manage challenging circumstances and lead people to the right direction. Besides that, her profound understanding on unique Japanese business styles and traditional culture makes her someone who can help Japanese companies make it to the global stage.

Having worked with her in Singapore, I strongly recommend getting some tips on communications from her if you wish to be a leading player in the competitive overseas market.

白濱 学

国土交通省勤務(2016~2018年 シンガポール国立大学に派遣)




Manabu Shirahama, Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism