Need to deliver a 2-minute pitch or a 20-minute business presentation? 2分のスピーチ、20分のプレゼンをすることはありますか?


Whether it is a 2-minute pitch or a 20-minute business presentation, this 10-hour workshop will help you win over prospective clients or charm your meticulous boss!

A pitch presentation is a critical moment for entrepreneurs and it is one of the first challenges that every entrepreneur should be able to overcome to have a chance in business.


Make it brief and…



Show your excitement.


Know your audience. Select them if you can.


Expose how unique your business is.


Show your numbers. Draw the possibilities based on realistic calculations.


Exhibit your strengths such as your hard assets.


Show your commitment and optimism.


Explain how investors’ money can help your business and how they will profit thereon.


Challenge your investors.


In business, there is so much at stake when you deliver your presentation – either you gain or lose customers, keep or lose investors, get promoted or stay stuck in your current position, and so on.


People listen only to credible speakers.


Begin with a goal.


Powerful stories and images make a difference.


Challenge your audience.


The Q&A session is never the time for you to rest, and neither for your audience to sleep or leave.


Take a curtain call.


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Speech Boot Camp

A 3-hour workshop held on a Sunday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Speech Boot Camp (SBC) sharpens learners’ oral communication, leadership and management skills. This is a course that aims to improve learners’ personality development.

Covering the most essential parts of all the language programs we offer in 3 hours, SBC is especially designed for individuals who wish to speed up their English language and communication learning in the most challenging, engaging and practical way.

SBC takes pride in its top-quality leadership and management trainings, highly relevant to conducting business locally and internationally.


Build your confidence.


Deliver several types of speeches.


Learn to hold conversations falling under a wide range of topics, from casual to more profound or intellectual ones.


Handle any social situation.


Deal with personal and professional problems more effectively.


Imbibe cultural sensitivity.


Expand your capabilities.


Numerous and meaningful individual and group activities, under a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, add up to SBC’s dynamism, strength and effectiveness.


To register, please send us a message.

Conflict at work? 職場での衝突はありませんか?


A 16-hour workshop that guides learners from making language specific and concrete to developing empathy and sensitivity to others.



With employees who communicate effectively, companies run smoothly.


Say what you mean.


Enhance your self-esteem. Boost your confidence. Inspire confidence in others as well.


Hearing and listening – know the difference.
Learn and practice valuable listening techniques.


Look beyond what people say.


Minimize or manage miscommunication and misunderstanding with your colleagues.


Develop cultural sensitivity.


Develop your EQ. Communicate your thoughts and feelings effectively and adequately.


Deal more sensitively with your colleagues and other people.


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Need to better manage yourself and others? 自分自身と同僚のマネジメント、必要ですか?


This 20-hour workshop introduces the learner to the critical role of management skills and promotes effective management practice. Various personal, interpersonal and organizational challenges are reviewed and learners explore analytical and creative solutions thereto.

In a world where, commonly, common sense is not so common, a workshop like this is absolutely needed.


Have a better understanding of yourself.


Manage your stress effectively.


Enhance your problem-solving skills.


Improve your interpersonal relationships.


Learn to provide supportive communication.


Power and influence – gain and maintain.


Skilfully motivate others.


Manage conflict situations effectively.


Empower people around you.


Build powerful and effective teams.


Steer positive change.


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Enhance your oral communication, leadership and management skills with our personality development workshop 話す力、会話力を高める

What: Speech Boot Camp by Speech Wings

When: 2:00pm – 5:00pm, every Sunday

Where: PROS 501, Fujisaki 1-1-1, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City, Japan

WhoYoung professionals and business executives


Speech Boot Camp is designed and facilitated by our very own Head Coach.

Suit up and be ready for a rigorous 3-hour communication, leadership and management workshop with us! Experience our fun, engaging and relaxing personality development workshop.

The Camp is absolutely an…


Refreshments are served to better support learners in this intensive training.


To register, please send us a message. See you there!

Our Value 企業理念

Communication goes beyond words and actions.

In its truest sense, it is about creating and sustaining human relationships crucial to one’s personal and professional growth.

Companies succeed mainly because of the quality of relationships they have within and outside their premises – the quality of relationship the bosses have with their employees, the quality of relationship employees share with each other, and the quality of relationship the companies have with their clients and partners.

It is not only about knowing what to say, or knowing when or how to say it. Communication entails knowing what others think, need and want – and acting thereon.

Speech Wings recognizes the importance of communication skills in one’s personal and professional life. We aim to highlight the same to our clients – mainly Japanese individuals and companies – so they may discover their potentials and succeed in life and in business even further.

If Japanese individuals and companies could confidently sell their ideas to the world – outside the Japanese market – imagine how much more they could achieve.

Speech Wings aims to embolden the Japanese society – both individuals and companies – and, therefore, fire up the Japanese economy. This positive impact, we believe, will not only benefit Japan but also other societies that Japan maintains an impactful presence in.





Speech Wingsは、コミュニケーションが我々の人生とキャリアにおいて、とても重要であることを認識しています。コミュニケーションを通して、主に日本の個人や企業が、人生やビジネスの場で更なる成功を納めることに寄与することを目指します。


Speech Wingsの目標は、日本社会を盛り上げ、個人や企業を巻き込み日本経済を活性化させることです。 これが日本のためだけでなく、日本のプレゼンスがある国々においても有益であると確信しています。











Who We Are 会社紹介

Based in Fukuoka City, Speech Wings is an initiative of Toyama Trading Company Ltd. which aims to help Japanese individuals and companies discover their potentials and reach their targets by providing tailored and competitive communication, leadership and management trainings.

Most of the biggest moments in our lives require us to speak or present our ideas in public. At Speech Wings, we design just the right training programs to help you own these moments by thoroughly examining and addressing your special english language needs.

We know what communication, leadership, or management entails, but often there is a stark difference between what we know (knowledge) and what we do (skills). Speech Wings aims to close this knowledge and skills gap and improve our clients’ competitive position.

We provide a safe and open space where leaders and executives from various companies can discuss – using the english language – the leadership and management challenges they experience at work. Together, we look at the organizational make-up of their companies, study their roles in their respective companies, and come up with solutions to the identified challenges. Through this method, a participant is sure to learn from other participants, and in the end we arrive at holistic solutions as a result of combined energized minds. Speech Wings employs only the most effective tools in ensuring this safe and comfortable space for everyone, keeping everybody engaged and active all throughout the session.

At the core of all our programs is the idea of sharing ourselves with others and thereby learning from one another – this serves as one of the basic principles of communication, hinting at some important concepts of psychology.

Designed and customized to the unique language needs of our individual Japanese learners, and to the distinctive goals and corporate make-up of Japanese companies we train, our workshops and training programs serve to further our clients’ personal and professional development.

Speech Wings is an initiative of Toyama Trading Company, Ltd.







Speech Wings は、遠山貿易株式会社の事業である。