Our Value 企業理念

Communication goes beyond words and actions.

In its truest sense, it is about creating and sustaining human relationships crucial to one’s personal and professional growth.

Companies succeed mainly because of the quality of relationships they have within and outside their premises – the quality of relationship the bosses have with their employees, the quality of relationship employees share with each other, and the quality of relationship the companies have with their clients and partners.

It is not only about knowing what to say, or knowing when or how to say it. Communication entails knowing what others think, need and want – and acting thereon.

Speech Wings recognizes the importance of communication skills in one’s personal and professional life. We aim to highlight the same to our clients – mainly Japanese individuals and companies – so they may discover their potentials and succeed in life and in business even further.

If Japanese individuals and companies could confidently sell their ideas to the world – outside the Japanese market – imagine how much more they could achieve.

Speech Wings aims to embolden the Japanese society – both individuals and companies – and, therefore, fire up the Japanese economy. This positive impact, we believe, will not only benefit Japan but also other societies that Japan maintains an impactful presence in.





Speech Wingsは、コミュニケーションが我々の人生とキャリアにおいて、とても重要であることを認識しています。コミュニケーションを通して、主に日本の個人や企業が、人生やビジネスの場で更なる成功を納めることに寄与することを目指します。


Speech Wingsの目標は、日本社会を盛り上げ、個人や企業を巻き込み日本経済を活性化させることです。 これが日本のためだけでなく、日本のプレゼンスがある国々においても有益であると確信しています。












Who We Are 会社紹介

Based in Fukuoka City, Speech Wings is an initiative of Toyama Trading Company Ltd. which aims to help Japanese individuals and companies discover their potentials and reach their targets by providing tailored and competitive communication, leadership and management trainings.

Most of the biggest moments in our lives require us to speak or present our ideas in public. At Speech Wings, we design just the right training programs to help you own these moments by thoroughly examining and addressing your special english language needs.

We know what communication, leadership, or management entails, but often there is a stark difference between what we know (knowledge) and what we do (skills). Speech Wings aims to close this knowledge and skills gap and improve our clients’ competitive position.

We provide a safe and open space where leaders and executives from various companies can discuss – using the english language – the leadership and management challenges they experience at work. Together, we look at the organizational make-up of their companies, study their roles in their respective companies, and come up with solutions to the identified challenges. Through this method, a participant is sure to learn from other participants, and in the end we arrive at holistic solutions as a result of combined energized minds. Speech Wings employs only the most effective tools in ensuring this safe and comfortable space for everyone, keeping everybody engaged and active all throughout the session.

At the core of all our programs is the idea of sharing ourselves with others and thereby learning from one another – this serves as one of the basic principles of communication, hinting at some important concepts of psychology.

Designed and customized to the unique language needs of our individual Japanese learners, and to the distinctive goals and corporate make-up of Japanese companies we train, our workshops and training programs serve to further our clients’ personal and professional development.

Speech Wings is an initiative of Toyama Trading Company, Ltd.







Speech Wings は、遠山貿易株式会社の事業である。

Head Coach 代表紹介

Eileen Kae Abrio Relao (ケイ)

Kae served as a consultant for the local government, a communications coordinator and researcher at Singapore’s Institute of Water Policy, a product ambassador for Microsoft Philippines, and a corporate communications trainer and strategic planning consultant for various companies from major industries. She also taught communication courses at the University of the Philippines – recognized as the top university in the country.

In her younger years, Kae consistently won various speech competitions. With honed skills in public speaking and love for the art, she went on to teach communication at the aforementioned state university and become a communications coach helping those in the private sector as well.

She earned her master’s degree in public policy from one of the world’s leading universities – the National University of Singapore; and her bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of the Philippines. Additionally, she also studied psychology and international relations.

Today, she does not only render communications training but also facilitate leadership and management trainings for Japanese companies and organizations. In addition, she serves as a consultant for Toyama Trading Company, Ltd.