Head Coach 代表紹介

Eileen Kae Abrio Relao (ケイ)

Kae served as a communications coordinator and researcher at Singapore’s Institute of Water Policy, a product ambassador for Microsoft Philippines, and a corporate communications trainer and strategic planning consultant for various companies from major industries. For three years, Kae taught communication courses at the University of the Philippines – recognized as the top university in the country.

In her younger years, Kae consistently won various speech competitions. With honed skills in public speaking and love for the art, she went on to teach communication at the aforementioned state university and become a communications coach helping those in the private sector as well.

She earned her master’s degree in public policy from one of the world’s leading universities – the National University of Singapore; and her bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of the Philippines.

Today, she does not only render communications training but also facilitate leadership and management trainings.

“I know I’m young and I haven’t had the opportunity to lead big companies or head expansive conglomerates. So one may ask how I can facilitate these leadership and management trainings. Well, I came from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, one of the world’s leading universities for innovators and global leaders. I studied there for two years and, therefore, lived with and learned quite a lot from over a hundred of leaders – young and old, Western and Asian, European and African. It was all worthwhile. I took on all the leadership roles that I could, and received the Dean’s Leadership Award upon the completion of my program. I do not render leadership and management trainings, rather I facilitate. What I do is I gather the “leaders” in one room… and what transpires in the room thereafter amazes everyone.”