Speech Boot Camp

A 3-hour workshop held on a Sunday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Speech Boot Camp (SBC) sharpens learners’ oral communication, leadership and management skills. This is a course that aims to improve learners’ personality development.

Covering the most essential parts of all the language programs we offer in 3 hours, SBC is especially designed for individuals who wish to speed up their English language and communication learning in the most challenging, engaging and practical way.

SBC takes pride in its top-quality leadership and management trainings, highly relevant to conducting business locally and internationally.


Build your confidence.


Deliver several types of speeches.


Learn to hold conversations falling under a wide range of topics, from casual to more profound or intellectual ones.


Handle any social situation.


Deal with personal and professional problems more effectively.


Imbibe cultural sensitivity.


Expand your capabilities.


Numerous and meaningful individual and group activities, under a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, add up to SBC’s dynamism, strength and effectiveness.


To register, please send us a message.